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bali baby

Video: Bali Baby – ‘Iggady’

Bali Baby been doing this rap shit chillingly and she also got bitches gettin’ passed through the team willingly.

Our Bali Baby turnin’ rap bitches into past tense and steppin’ up the suspense for the PlayGirl Gang and friends.

The Pretty Princess paintin’ her imagery and smokin’ niggas like they be smokin’ they ciggady in her new “Iggady” video.

bali baby

New Music: Bashani Brim – ‘Red’

Any bitch talkin’ brazy to da gang gonna get left “Red” and have zero plays left in they head.

While other bitches is sleeping in they bed, Bali Baby wakin’ up the gang and gettin’ all the PlayGirls fed.

Introducing, Bashani Brim, a member of The PlayGirl Gang.

Listen to Bashani Brim’s new track “Red” below.

Bali Baby

Once Upon A Time Will Continue On Behalf of Bali Baby’s Mind

As time continues to accelerate forward, Bali Baby continues to expand her menu and break her way through all da various venues inΒ da brazy world.

Straightforward thinking and an ambition to dive right in without blinking has kept our Princess of Atlanta on a hunt for the truth, without all da propaganda.

The art that Bali Baby has bestowed upon us in her first year of the rap game has caused some other female rappers to not use their brain and also caused Bali Baby to get a lot of brain.

Either way you slice for year two, Bali Baby will make sure me and you have something to look forward to.

bali baby

Video: Bali Baby – ‘Banana Klip’

Ain’t a thang for Bali Baby to bang out a bitch or two if the opportunity happens to come outta the blue.

And who knew that da PlayGirls would expand and always be on hand to help Bali Baby come up with her next diabolical plan.

bali baby

bali baby

bali baby

New Music: Bali Baby – ‘Banana Klip’

Our ATL Princess, Bali Baby, snatchin’ chains that be in range and makin’ more than change for the PlayGirl Gang!

Bali Baby got the bananas cumming to power the fuel and she ain’t no fool when it cums to monkey bitches tryna create obstacles in her lane of the rap game.

Yes its true, our Bali Baby producing hot heat that’s hotta than a pan but still theoretically simmering before da Summer plan.