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bali baby gangin with gang

Gangin’ With Gang: Episode 3

Episode three of Gang TV is full of da juicy shit for da PlayGirls that Bali Baby just couldn’t omit.

In the 30-minute episode, Bali Baby revealed that she done slipped into some thangs in the past that were hotter than chicken wangs!

Find out what’s in store for all the PlayGirls that be wantin’ more in Episode three of Gangin’ with Gang.

Preview Bali Baby’s “No Hook” track off Bali’s Play II, watch Bali in action at SXSW 2017 and a lot more!

bali baby

bali baby

bali baby pretty cover

New Music: Bali Baby – ‘Pretty’

Our “Pretty” Princess, Bali Baby, ain’t playin’ chess or checkers out in these brazy streetz to get some song repeats!

Bad bitches with fat asses stay temptin’ for Bali Baby and she thinkin’ maybe it’s time to continue delivering fire spittin’ rhymes for all da PlayGirls that can’t get her off they mind.

Bali Baby is back with another brack for the month of April!

“Pretty” is Bali Baby’s second brack this month.

bali baby enemies asian doll rico nasty

New Music: Bali Baby – ‘Enemies’

Sometimes slaying hoes with fire spittin’ rhymes is the only way to artistically get shit off yo mind.

Bali Baby gotta¬†grazin’ dried up raisin bitch cumming up on Da Young Princess during recess at SXSW 2017 in Texas and more!

A lotta female rap bitches lovin’ them some Bali Baby and hopin’ maybe they can cop a feel or get a record deal with da PlayGirls.

Apparently Bali Baby had to dance with Satan and pull up with her niggas that be spraying before laying down her new hot heat “Enemies.”

bali baby

Video: Bali Baby – ‘Hasta La Vista’

The Perfect Picture Princess, Bali Baby, stackin’ her money like it was Lego’s and back with da hot heat fuego in her new video “Hasta La Vista!”

Bali Baby cuttin’ up unfaithful bitches like some lunch meat and she ain’t feeding nobody that ain’t already eatin’ out in these streetz.

Our Princess meetin’ up where the money be and got a lot more for us to see.

bali baby

Bali Baby Playgirl World Tour Boming Soon To A City Near You

Y’all can see Bali Baby live on tour instead of loading pixels of cute Bali Baby with thangs such as pistols on yo hard-drive.

The real Princess of the A will be traveling across the Brazy World on her Playgirl World Tour!

The Gang invasion commences in the DMV on Feb 18th and ends in LA on March 31st.