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bali baby

New Music: Ky Feat. Bali Baby – ‘IDC’

Bali Baby blowing kisses with a hi on her Wi-Fi and throwing a goodbye to the haters, if they try.

Our Princess is a rare breed that can easily scare and don’t really care if you stare.

And Bali Baby balling with bandz all day because of her passion that started from pain and is now shooting with aim.READ MORE

bali baby spotify

Bali Baby’s ‘Brazy Bali’ & ‘Bubbles Bali’ On Spotify

Bang bad bitch Bali Baby’s “Brazy Bali” and “Bubbles Bali” before new hot sizzlin’ heat penetrates ya ears sometime later in da heat of the year on this side of the brazy hemisphere.

Explore Bali Baby’s two sides and get on the gang shit ride with Spotify.


bali baby

Video: Bali Baby – ‘Dip Dip (Freestyle)’

The cinematic season begins with Bali Baby gettin’ some spins on her “Dip Dip (Freestyle)” music video.

Our Princess of Atlanta playin’ with her Play Girls a lil’ bit on they Play Girl Gang Shit in the Quincy Brooks directed clip.READ MORE

Video: Lil Ali Ft. Bali Baby – ‘Po Up’

Y’all noticed from the start that bomb Bali Baby be just like a lotus that can induce a dreamy forgetfulness and an unwillingness to depart.

Bet Bali Baby expecting you to show that shit, if you gon’ talk that shit.READ MORE

bali baby trap love

Music: Bali Baby Ft. G$tar – ‘Trap Love’

Some “Trap Love” been had hitta Bali Baby in a money daze after she found a love plug bug.

Our Bali Baby in the trenches making plays with songs such as “Trap Love” and y’all can hear it all on SoundCloud, Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, and moe!

“Trap Love” features G$tar and appears on Bali Baby’s mixtape ‘Bubbles Bali,’ which was released on October 31, 2016.