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bali baby

Bali Baby Gotta Reason To Have A Cinematic Season

Last year, Bali Baby gave us an unprecedented amount of music after releasing four projects that each offered us a different taste of her authentic artistic ability.

After thinking about it for a lil’ bit, Bali Baby decided to cancel her upcoming “Jailhouse Rock” mixtape since she’s given us so much music within less than a year of being in the rap game.

Bali Baby want y’all to saturate the music up a lil’ bit and Lil Brazy’s will have to wait until the beginning of summer before new music is boming.

The script is flipped a lil’ more though because Bali Baby turning the winter blues into a cinematic season by releasing loads of new visuals in the upcoming months.

bali baby tidal

Bali Baby Now Making Plays On Tidal

Bali Baby knows you gotta speak things into existence before they can ever manifest into reality and also that hard work does usually pay off!

With less than a year under her belt, Bali Baby’s talent is now being noticed by the music streaming platform Tidal!

Go ahead and stream a lil’ Bali Baby on yo Tidal, today!

bali baby raleigh

Bali Baby Performing In Raleigh

After our Princess of Atlanta’s short hiatus on the scene, Bali Baby will now be seen by her lil’ Brazy fans on January 18th in Raleigh y’all!

And yes, bet Bali Baby will be on the stage performing some of her new music she done did this past year!